What should you know before taking out a consumer credit?

When you need to have a certain amount of money to carry out an activity or project, you can think about requesting a consumer credit. But before doing it, you need to take into account some tips to make it a satisfying experience.


How much money you need

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The first thing to think about before applying for a consumer loan is how much money you need and the amount you can pay per month. It is best to ask for the exact amount that meets the needs and not request more from the account, as this will make the fees more bulky. Regarding your ability to pay, first of all you must subtract from your income all the fixed expenses that you have per month, whether in rent, in services, in the payment of your children’s school or university, food, they spend is transportation, etc . Also subtract an amount for contingency expenses that always arise. The total it will give you is what you can pay monthly.

When you are sure of what you need and your ability to pay, you must decide which consumer credit you will keep. It is not good that you accept the first one you find without finding out from others that they may offer you better financing and lower interest. For that you can quote each and every one of the offers that the market offers you to know which is the one that really fits your budget and your needs, so as not to exceed the quotas or the time to pay it.


Interest rate and the final fee

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The important thing is that you take into account both the interest rate and the final fee for the different terms

You do not want to end up paying double what you asked for. Remember also that the fee you are going to pay month by month not only corresponds to the capital but also to the interest and other obligatory expenses such as the notary and taxes, or to certain insurances. The interest rate is the percentage you pay to the entity that lends you the money for the use of it.

You will ensure you choose a consumer credit according to your economy

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Which will help you solve certain issues or carry out your projects without harming the family economy and without getting into debt by acquiring an unpayable credit.

Remember that the easiest way to save on your consumer credit is to simulate and compare the options offered by the market. In Compare you can do it for free and without leaving your home. Enter your data into our consumer credit simulator and start saving.

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